Why would you buy Soundcloud followers?

Ok, you’ve got the plays and you’ve got downloads… but what about followers? If you are getting them naturally, great! However, if you need a little boost to show you have a fans, this is the service for you. Let people know that followers are waiting for you to launch your next track with our ‘followers’ service.

Are your services guaranteed?

Absolutely! Many of our competitors will sell you their services at a low price but when your followers drop, they are too busy to answer your emails or support tickets. We acknowledge that followers can drop sometimes. However, we won’t ignore you, we will add more followers to your account to ensure you keep the amount you purchased.

Why does it take so long to get followers?

There are companies out there that will promise lots of followers in a short period of time. But we aren’t in the business of over promising and under delivering. Sure, we could tell you that we’ll deliver them in a shorter period of time than what we advertise but we would rather be up front and not have to deal with unhappy customers.